The Evolution Store NYC

Part of my job involves keeping on top of what is happening in retail all over the world. As international travel isn't something I can do on a regular basis, the internet and the library become my go-to research tools for images and ideas. This mornings' online gem of a find is a space in NYC's Soho called The Evolution Store.

The store sells museum quality natural history collectibles and specimens. The store is packed with insects, fossils, taxidermy animals, minerals, sea life, botanical posters, real human skeletons and so on. Also stocking jewellery, home decorating pieces and even a digestive system model or two. Clientele includes museums, universities, private collectors, nature enthusiasts, interior decorators and photographers. I would like get lost in this store. Not after hours of course... imagine the wall of skulls watching you with their hollow eyes!

You can buy or hire and an online store is available to browse. Check it out.


Images from The Evolution Store web site. 

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