Tales of Endearment

There is so much to look at on Tales of Endearment. Talent scout Natalie Joos hangs out with fashionable ladies from all corners of the globe, photographs them in their apartments and takes them vintage shopping for impromptue fashion shoots. Love it.

Cable Cars in Cable Sweaters

We are coming into a very hot Aussie summer, but I will be spending a month of it in America- San Francisco and New York to be exact. So whilst my buddies are gearing up for the beach and fresh summer fruits and long lazy picnics in the shining sun, I am thinking about knit scarves, gloves, layers of warmth and texture and frosty frosty air. And I am so very excited. The above editorial from Glamour magazine is definitely getting me in the mood... chunky pullovers to snuggle into and a splash-mash of patterns. Less than a month to go!
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Eye Speye



Total image dump off my desk top.
From various sources, including-
Miss Moss
The Locals
Wary Meyers
and this seller on etsy- Etco