Floral Window for Printemps

Parisian department store Printemps sprung these windows on their shoppers. Pretty and fresh for the European summer, a world away from our current seasonality of grey, wet and windy. The designers really have created a sense of a flower bomb- I swear I can smell the sweetness through my MacBook.

Images have come from Le Journal des vitrines , a great source of window display images from around Europe.

Purse 'N Boots

It's an accessory explosion over at Purse n Boots, the blog of US stylist Ashley Glorioso.

H&M and Karlie Kloss

Some cute fem looks in a great falling-leaves palatte from Euro fashion chain H&M. Love the touches of leather. Word in retail land is that the chain is heading to Australia....


UO Apartment

Just had a virtual shop over at Urban Outfitters... here is my lounge room. Lots of rugs and floor cushions, a really cool wall tapestry/blanket (great price on it too...only $39!), and a great velvet lounge in a lovely grape colour.