TOPSHOP has landed

After many rumors & a long wait this year, it's finally arrived....TOPSHOP. Listen closely...you can hear many girls bursting out of their skin with excitement.  If you're in Melbourne today, you can visit the store located at the Jam Factory on Chapel Street for it's grand opening. 
Now, how long do we have to wait until one opens in Sydney??? (rumors are it will be located in the Gowing's Building in Sydney City)

In a lost couple of months....from a window up high in the trees.... this is what i saw as the streets began to unfreeze..........lanes full of homeless, oceans next to mountains, smokers and dealers mixed in with the tulips, animals on show for the humans, delicious diners and japanese hot dogs, snow on the ground and clouds full of rain.........My Vancouver.......cold. hazy. and sweet like mustard.




Zara, Glen Proebstel for Inside Out Magazine, Emily Chalmers, Zimmerman