The Kills/Dead Weather rock star can really belt it out- we witnessed a pretty bloody good show at the Metro last night. Tight jeans, lots of violent hair flicks and predatory prowling of the stage; some rabid fans. A neckerchief and a safari suit. A teary Amy Winehouse tribute. A Kate Moss sighting. A few vodka oranges. Not bad for a Monday night.


Black Diamond Antiques Bulli

I grew up loving 'stuff'.
Not in a consumeristic, materialistic way but in a way that I would read into the 'stuff'. My love of stuff came from the hours and hours in which I would fossick around in grandpa's shed, or the afternoons I would spend rearranging mums' dressing table or laying out the contents of her bag. For me, the bits and pieces would represent lives and tells stories. It was more of an archelogical mission, an anthropological undertaking, connecting myself with these people in my life, these people that I hold so dear.
Fast forward a few decades and now I surround myself with stuff that means something: furniture and art made by loved ones, textiles and tea sets bought at the op shop, crates repurposed to give new life and so on. All my stuff has a personality, a story, a previous life. And it is this kind of stuff that gets me excited.

There is a gem of an antique store south of Sydney in Bulli, a town wedged between an escarpment and the sea. The store is called Black Diamond Antiques and it literally is a grandpa's shed-type store, filled with amazingness from yesteryear that spills out into the overgrown back garden (watch out for the water dragons!). Don, the owner, is always ready with a cup of tea and has a gentle and generous manner. I have spent mornings fossicking (and creating front window displays) and marvelling in the discoveries. Sydney vintage stores have NOTHING on Don's shop and I can only hope that one day, I will have my own grandpa's shed store in which I can fossick and tinker to my hearts content.


Shot through with Splice Lime

Mini trend observation: injecting an outfit with a fresh and zesty splice of lime... mmmmmm, splice iceblocks... so summer!
From Streetpeeper, The Sartorialist and Jak & Jil


Ashley Rose Helvey lives in an intensley textured world, filled with good food and amazingly comfortable rooms. Check out her documentation of her life here


Career Crush: Katie Lockhart

New Zealand based interior stylist/designer Katie Lockhart has a very impressive collection of interior oriented work to her name. She has created editorial for magazines such as Wallpaper, House and Garden and World of Interiors; she has also worked closely with fashion designer Karen Walker, creating branding, advertising and retail interiors. New Zealand shopping hotspot The Department Store was also subject to her creative whims.  She seems to live in a world of muted, pretty tones and visual qwirks. LOVE the unexpected yellow floorboards above- what a sunny addition to the neat little space and a dramatic way to make the most of the beautiful framed image leaning against the wall. She has started up an online store, using her sharp editing eye to source the most beautiful designs. Her aesthetic has been translated and is available to purchase at the click of a mouse.
Gah! Work experience please! See more of her work here