Beci Orpin & her sketch diaries

Beci Orpin is a Melbourne based designer, who works non-stop (colabs have been pouring out over the past 6 months) and creates images and objects which are colourful, energetic and fun... 'childlike but sophisticated' perhaps. There is definitely a Japanese influence in her aesthetic.
Anyhoo, she has a fun blog (over here) and in a recent post, she included shots of her sketch journals. She says she is up to number 20, and as someone who keeps documentation of ideas/inspirations in a similar way, I can completely relate to the need for having these types of outlets onhand.
As a teacher at a design school, I constantly bang on about the importance of keeping an art diary/process porfolio/skecth journal, whatever you want to call it. Seeing the process behind creative output fascinates me & for any artist/designer out there, keeping these types of books really can teach you things about your own development- your skills and your opportunities. Scribble on!

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