Sarah Applebaum

As I type this I have my most recently purchased nanna crochet blanket around my shoulders. It's cream, violet, lemon and fluro orange and it's f.a.b. I have a few and I am looking to expand my collection this winter, spending my nights curled up on the couch, snuggling into my blankets. Maybe build a little crochet fort or two...
U.S. artist Sarah Applebaum has made an art form of the crochet fort and she expressively plays on the colours and the geometrics of the crochet squares. She builds towers with it, she covers the surfaces of art galleries, she turns the blankets into soft and colourful armoury and headpieces. The craft revolution is well and truly rolling on and Applebaum is stitching her mark.
Have a look at her website and step into her richly colour saturated world.

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